The French Teleflex Urology Care team was keen to take part in the Kerpape challenges for the 4th time

Teleflex continues to support research and innovation in the service of disability, with the participation of the French Urology team in the Kerpape challenges. This solidarity triathlon, organized by the “Fonds de dotation de Kerpape”, took place on 13 May, for the fourth consecutive year.

The French Teleflex Urology Care team was keen to take part in the Kerpape challenges for the 4th time

This year the Kerpape challenges, a friendly sporting and supportive event at the Kerpape rehab centre in Ploemeur, brought together over 50 volunteers and 54 teams! Each team was made up of 3 people, 2 able-bodied persons and 1 person with a disability, ready to complete the swimming, cycling and running events of this moving triathlon!

The registration fees of each team as well as free donations allow to support research and innovation in the field of disability.

Once again, the event was a great success and the Teleflex team had the pleasure of being part of it once again with a 100% female team:
– Karima on her bike, who had the incredible motivation not to be satisfied with the required 5 km, and challenged herself by cycling 6 km
– Stéphanie who ran 1.3 km at full power and always with a smile on her face
– Lucile in swimming who gave her all in the 200 m freestyle
– Naick, as team leader and Teleflex cheerleader, motivated and supported the team throughout the day

It is therefore with enthusiasm, competitive spirit and goodwill that the girls took part in this triathlon against the other contestants, but also supported and encouraged the other teams as they passed through. Solidarity was the key word on this day!

Beyond the sporting feat of each participant, what will be remembered from this event is the incredible moments of sharing, whether in sport or in more personal exchanges.

There is no doubt that the Kerpape challenges are a unique opportunity to meet beautiful people, with moving life stories for some, inspiring for others, but above all different from each other. This makes this unique event a real-life lesson where each participant, companion, volunteer and supporter leaves with a head full of memories and a heart filled with beautiful emotions.

The Teleflex team looks forward to seeing you next year for more unforgettable moments in Kerpape!

Image source: Teleflex