New Teleflex Urology Care website

we have some great news for you – the new website is online. Country versions will be updated soon. For Germany the new version is already online.

New Urology Care Website -

This big project that has been developed behind the scenes over several months is now live. New design, new product categories, easy product search, better function to request product samples as well as the blog – we have been busy and hope you like the new look. The most important innovations for you are:

New design
Creating the programming and content for a new homepage is a big project. But with our desire to implement a modern and fresh appearance, the task has become even more complex for us. Among other things, there is a separate color scheme for the areas of “Bladder Management” and “Urology”.

The categories of Bladder Management & Urology
On our new website, you will now also find a product area for use in hospitals in addition to the homecare products.

In future, Homecare will continue as the category now called “Bladder Management” and will include information on products and applications for end users and caregivers.

The Hospital section will continue under the new name “Urology” and will include products and services aimed at medical professionals.

Easier product search
The new website helps you to search for products with a detailed filter function so that you can find the right product even more easily.

In addition to individual filters, such as according to the desired Charrière size or your preferred catheter tip, several other filter options are available. It is particularly helpful that you can have multiple filters to specify various characteristic to see which product meets all specifications.

Optimized user-experience
Finally, we have also worked to provide you with the best possible user experience – not only on the computer, but also on mobile devices.

Ordering samples of intermittent catheters for users has also been simplified. You can now order the samples you would like to test directly via the product pages.

And last but not least, if you who order samples you will receive them in our new sample box. As you can see, we have gone the extra mile for our customers, because that is what has always driven us at Teleflex – customer satisfaction.

Link to the new website

Image source: Teleflex