History of Teleflex: How did Teleflex get its name?

You know Teleflex as a global company that manufactures medical products for a variety of fields, such as anesthesia, surgery, cardiology and urology (Teleflex Urology Care) – always with the aim of improving health and the quality of peoples’ lives. But have you ever wondered why Teleflex is called Teleflex? How did the company get its name?

History of Teleflex: How did Teleflex get its name?

Teleflex was founded 70 years ago, in 1943. In the beginning, the company was not yet a manufacturer of medical products as it is today. Everything started with one simple product: Teleflex manufactured a multi-strand helical cable and a gear that could convert push-pull motions into rotary motions.

This first product was used in airplanes as a useful tool to help pilots adjust the radio of the aircraft, which was out of their direct reach.

These flexible cables for remotely adjusting the radio frequency were thus instrumental in the company’s naming. And although the company has not been active in aviation for decades, the name has always been retained.

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