Find the right single-use catheter with Teleflex Urology Care

Our customers and users are at the heart of our daily work, and with our product portfolio it is important for us to contribute to improving your quality of life. But what features should a catheter have in the first place?

Find the right single-use catheter with Teleflex Urology Care

Selecting the ideal disposable catheter is a highly individual and personal decision, which must take into account many factors, including the individual’s anatomy, the catheter tip and the lubricity of the catheter.

Our goal is to offer users of intermittent self-catheterization a comprehensive range of catheter systems with various innovative features, such as the flexible Ergothan tip, gently rounded catheter eyes inside and outside, plus ready-to-use pre-coated hydrophilic catheters and catheters with lubricating gel.

In addition, all Teleflex catheter systems are designed for aseptic use and convenient handling that allows them can be handled safely even with limited hand function.

What catheter tips are available?
Teleflex offers three different catheter tips, which differ primarily in the shape of the tip.

The Nelaton tip is straight and cylindrical, the Tiemann tip is curved and was specially developed for catheterization of the male urethra.

The conical Ergothan tip has a special flexible tip that adapts to the anatomy of the urethra, allowing it to be gently inserted into the bladder.

What types of catheter coating are available?
In principle, a distinction is made between two different types of coating. The Teleflex range includes gel-based and hydrophilic intermittent catheter systems.

Gel-based catheter systems are equipped with an integrated water-soluble lubricating gel, which enables the catheter to be ready for use in seconds.

Hydrophilic coated catheters are also ready for use in seconds. Additionally, a hydrophilic coating ensures consistent hydration and offers excellent lubrication properties. It is also resistant to wear.

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