DRS Rollikids – Wheelchair and mobility training courses 2022

In summer 2022, the department for children and youth sports in the DRS (German wheelchair sports association) will hold two wheelchair and mobility training courses for children and teenagers. The courses are conducted by specially trained teams of trainers, in which at least one trainer is a wheelchair user him- or herself. The parents of the participating children also take part in the training. Teleflex Medical GmbH in Germany has been supporting the DRS’s children and youth sports department as a partner for several years.

DRS Rollikids – Wheelchair and mobility training courses

Wheelchair and mobility training courses are week-long courses that enable wheelchair users to learn and consolidate wheelchair driving techniques together with a parent. In a pleasant atmosphere, handling and dexterity with the wheelchair is improved in a playful way through joint movement.

The courses focus on the abilities of the children and young people and the focus is on experiencing things together. Wheelchair sport, driving technique training and everyday techniques such as climbing stairs, taking the escalator and getting into and out of the wheelchair are daily program items.

For further information and regarding participation that is subject to a fee and regarding the registration documents, please contact Tatjana Sieck.

Due to the corona pandemic and the resulting restrictions, the dates for 2022 are subject to change depending on when it is possible to hold courses.

Wheelchair and Mobility Training Course I
Date: 30th July – 5th August 2022
Location: Rehazentrum Bathildisheim, 34454 Bad Arolsen

Wheelchair and Mobility Training Course II
Date: 20th August – 26th August 2022
Location: Manfred-Sauer-Stiftung, 74931 Lobbach

Text source: www.rollikids.de
Image source: Lisann Hömberg (2019), DRS