Giro d’italia handbike 2022

Paralympic cycling and the TELEFLEX “pink jersey” travel through Italy from south to north, promoting sport as a means of integration and independence. The Handbike tour “Giro d’Italia Handbike” is a competition for Paralympic athletes that was launched in 2009 and is a unique event on an international level.

Giro d’italia handbike 2022

TELEFLEX believes strongly in this type of initiative in support of people with disabilities who find a means of overcoming life’s difficulties through sport as well as discovering new motivation and goals. TELEFLEX began its collaboration with this respected event by first sponsoring the “white jersey” (which rewards the highest-ranking young person) and, for the last three years, the coveted “pink jersey” – the award for the overall winner who ranks first.

After the period of Covid in which the tour was downsized and the number of events decreased, the “Giro d’Italia Handbike” is now returning to its former glory with 7 stages that will visit different regions and major Italian cities from south to north.

For the first time, in fact, the tour will start from the south of Italy, specifically from Bari on 3 April 2022, and will end on 16 October 2022 in Pisa.

At each stage, TELEFLEX will be there to reward the winner of the “pink jersey”, remaining actively close to the athletes in order to support them, to talk to them and promote the use of the solutions offered by TELEFLEX in the urological field, receiving at the same time important feedback that is very useful for TELEFLEX R&D team.


1st Stage: 3 April 2022 – Bari
2nd Stage: 8 May 2022 – Bellaria Igea Marina
3rd Stage: 29 May 2022 – Meda
4th Stage: 19 June 2022 – Udine
5th Stage: 17 July 2022 – Cerro Maggiore
6th Stage: 18 September – 2022 Livorno
7th Stage: 16 October – 2022 Pisa

If you would like to experience the spirit of the “Giro d´Italia Handbike”, please watch this impressive video of the 2019 event on YouTube:

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