Wings for Life World Run 2022: Teleflex runs again for those who can´t

The Wings for Life World Run is a worldwide charity run that takes place annually in May. The Wings for Life Run is hosted by the Wings for Life Foundation based in Austria. Its motto is: “we’ll run for those who can’t”. Each participant pays an entry fee, 100% of which is donated for research purposes. Teleflex Urology Care will again be competing with its own team and has invited employees to participate to give back and improve people’s health and quality of life.

Wings for Life World Run 2022: Teleflex runs again for those who can´t

This year’s Wings for Life World Run will take place on May 8, 2022 (start: 1 p.m. – all participants worldwide start at the same time). Unlike last year, in 2022 there will not only be a virtual race. With the “App Run” everyone can take part conveniently with a cell phone from anywhere in the world (entry fee: 20 Euro). In this format, the mobile phone tracks the distance covered and the runners compete against a virtual “catcher car”.

In addition, there are also “Flagship Run” events, where all participants from a country meet in a city to compete together for a good cause (wheelchair accessible). The participation fee for the “Flagship Run” is slightly higher, since the organizational effort is correspondingly higher, drinks and snacks (at feed stations) are included and there is organized return transport for the participants.

Teleflex Urology Care would also like to encourage you to take part in this great event so that as many donations as possible are collected worldwide for the benefit of spinal cord research.

Further information about the Wings for Life World Run and how to register can be found at:

Image source: Teleflex (Wings for Life World Run 2021)