Wheelchair Skills Day comes to Stuttgart!

The Wheelchair Skills Day is going into a second round in Germany. Under the motto “Mobility Training meets Action Sports”, DRS Rollikids and MTV Stuttgart invite wheelchair users of all ages with their families and friends to Stuttgart this year. Teleflex Urology Care has been a partner of the DRS children’s and youth sports department for many years and is pleased to be involved again this year.

Wheelchair Skills Day_Teleflex Urology Care

The idea of the Wheelchair Skills Day (WCSD), which has been organized by K-J van der Klooster and his team in the Netherlands since 2016, has also inspired many Rollikids in Germany. After the successful premiere in Cologne last year, the Wheelchair Skills Day is coming to Stuttgart on 01.10.2022!

The course goes at full throttle over obstacles, small edges and high steps, around corners, up slopes, downstairs and up onto a podium.

The great thing about this event, which is organized by the children’s and youth sports department of the DRS together with MTV Stuttgart, is that all participants can show what they can do – in and with a wheelchair. And no one has to be a pro, because the XXL wheelchair course offers every obstacle in different difficulty levels. This means you can choose which way suits your own ability. Do you take the safe way or are you looking for a challenge?

Before that, there is time throughout the day to work on skills, i.e. your own driving techniques and wheelchair handling, to practice, improve and become more confident at the various stations.

Professionals such as David Lebuser and the Rollikids team of instructors will be on hand to help, offer guidance and practice with the participants. The final ‘run’, the timed run through the course, is then the highlight and conclusion of the day.

The course will take place in the Stuttpark skate hall in Stuttgart. Participants can also expect food, drinks, nice people and good music. Wheelchair users of all ages are invited with their families and friends. The degree of impairment and previous wheelchair skills are irrelevant for participation, as the training and obstacles take into account all skill levels. It is also possible to participate in an electric wheelchair.

Teleflex Urology Care hopes you have fun participating!

Text source and photo: Deutscher Rollstuhl-Sportverband – children’s and youth sports department (www.rollstuhlsport.de)