Teleflex joins the Spinal Injuries Association Membership Scheme

Teleflex has recently joined a growing association of people and organisations working together to meet the needs of those affected by spinal cord injury (SCI).

Teleflex Urology Care joins the Spinal Injuries Association Membership Scheme

Around 50,000 people currently live with an SCI in the UK and every 4 hours, a person’s life is changed when they sustain an SCI.

The Spinal Injuries Association is a leading source of support, information and advice for the SCI community. The charity, run by and for spinal cord injured (SCI) people, helps to guide all SCI people and their loved ones on the road to rebuilding their lives.

They believe that every SCI person has the right to a fulfilled life and that means the life they choose, with the same opportunities as everyone else. They aim to reach everyone with a spinal cord injury, to tackle whatever barriers they face, and to connect them to all the help and support they need to flourish in their lives, in the way they want and choose.

As a member, we are now a part of a support network that offers each and every SCI person the knowledge, confidence and contacts to build their own network of support, which can develop and grow with the through their life.

“We are proud sponsors of Spinal Injuries Association, with whom we share a joint purpose of improving the health and quality of people’s lives. At Teleflex we are passionate about enabling people to lead an independent, fulfilled life and look forward to further supporting intermittent catheter users living with a spinal cord injury through our collaboration with SIA.” – Jessica Coultas, Market Development Manager.

Image source: Teleflex