Teleflex employees join forces for the Wings for Life World Run 2024: Running for those who can’t

In a powerful show of unity and determination, Teleflex employees from around the world came together for the Wings for Life World Run 2024. Organised by the Wings for Life Foundation, this global charity run to fund research into spinal cord injury takes place every year in May.

Teleflex employees join forces for the Wings for Life World Run 2024: Running for those who can’t

The EMEA Urology team, in collaboration with the global JOIN initiative, seized the opportunity to give back to local communities and improve people’s health and quality of life. All participants, from amateurs to elite athletes, shared a common goal: to support spinal cord injury research by donating 100% of the global entry fees.

Our motivation for participating in the Wings for Life World Run
Teleflex employees, deeply committed to making a difference, enthusiastically participated in the event. Teleflex runners from 11 countries, including the Teleflex EMEA Urology team, took part and supported the Foundation’s aims. By participating, they not only raised awareness, but also made a significant contribution to a good cause: 2024, the Wings for Life Foundation has raised 8,100,000 million euros in entry fees and donations worldwide.

The Wings for Life World Run has a special significance for Teleflex. As a global provider of medical technologies such as intermittent catheters, which are vital to many people with spinal cord injuries, supporting spinal cord research is not just a cause: it’s a mission.

About Teleflex JOIN activities
This event also exemplifies JOIN as an employee-led initiative and the commitment of our workforce. JOIN Act with Purpose empowers Teleflex employees to engage in meaningful community initiatives that align with our core values of humanitarian aid, environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. JOIN reminds each of us that we all have the power to make a meaningful contribution.

Teleflex looks forward to the Wings for Life World Run 2025, inspired by the impact they’ve made and the lives they’ve touched, with the belief that every step we take brings us closer to a future where spinal cord injuries can be cured.

Image source: Teleflex