SailWise: Water sports holidays for people with disabilities

Water sports at SailWise is much more than just enjoying the water. By being active, everyone with a disability, limitation or chronic illness can once more experience the feeling of independence, self-esteem and independence. Personal development, pushing boundaries and self-direction are the keywords here. You aren’t obliged to do anything, but anything you do want to do is possible! SailWise participants agree: SailWise lets you rise above yourself and makes you forget your limitation. Also, this year there was another SailWise sailing week supported by Teleflex Urology Care.

SailWise: Water sports holidays for people with disabilities

From Monday 12 to Friday 16 September 2022, sailing, canoeing and water skiing took place around the island of Robinson Crusoe in the Loosdrechtse Plassen.

On Monday morning, the first participants from the Netherlands and Flanders were picked up by the ferry at the Bibian Mentel pier in Loosdrecht.

As soon as the participants were on board, the holiday started. The view, the water and the natural surroundings make you forget your worries and you can fully enjoy the trip to the island (about 15 minutes).

When the participants arrived on the island, SailWise’s volunteers were waiting, who made sure that all luggage and other necessities were disembarked and taken to the participants’ bedrooms. The participants were then able to settle in and prepare, so that they could enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

First there was lunch all together and after lunch there was an introduction round. Then the real adventure could begin, and the participants went out on the water under the guidance of the volunteers: in a sailboat, in a canoe or on a SUP board.

At the end of the afternoon everyone returned to the island, tired but satisfied, and we had dinner together. Sailing and canoeing were also possible after dinner, but for those who preferred to stay on the island, there was a lovely campfire to warm you up and to have conversations with a smile and a tear.

On Tuesday morning the sunrise was phenomenal (see photo), but for that you had to get out of bed on time. This was no problem for the participants who went canoeing on the early bird trip.

At the end of this day water skiing was planned, always spectacular and made for beautiful action photos. While the water skiing was in full swing, the pizza oven was fired up for everyone to enjoy a homemade pizza after water skiing.

Wednesday was the changeover day, in the morning there was still sailing and shortly before departure (1:00 pm) it was time for the group photo to capture all the smiling and happy faces.

Around 3:00 PM the second group of participants came from the Netherlands and Wallonia. They, like the first group, enjoyed all the possibilities of this wonderful island to the fullest. They left the island on Friday, also with amazing experiences and new friendships.

Do you want to know more about the island of Robinson Crusoe and all other SailWise activities? Check out the website (only available in Dutch and German):

Image source: Teleflex