#MSconnections: World MS Day 2022

On 30 May 2022, World MS Day took place for the 14th time. Its aim is to mobilize support for the 2.8 million people with MS worldwide and to raise awareness about the disease. This year, the campaign “MS Connections”, led by the MS International Federation (MSIF), was extended for the third and last time. Once again, contacts should be made in keeping with the local and international focus and the central message remains: Together we’re stronger than MS.

#MSconnections: World MS Day 2022

In Germany alone, for example, around 250,000 people are currently affected by the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and around 15,000 cases are diagnosed each year. For the affected persons, this is often a shock, leading to many questions about the disease, which remains incurable.

People with MS and their relatives actively take part in life every day, overcoming hurdles caused by the effects of the disease but also struggling with prejudice. MS can progress in a number of ways, and there are visible and invisible symptoms that can impair self-determination and equal opportunities in the professional and social environment. What life with MS means and where help can be found is what the MS International Federation and the national multiple sclerosis societies want raise awareness of in the context of the annual World MS Day. In doing so, they aim to educate people about the disease and to call on the general public for support.

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Image source: geralt / pixabay.com