Liquick X-treme Plus catheter system
All in one – suitable for daily use

The new ready-to-use Liquick X-treme Plus Catheter System is a complete system for a quick, convenient catheterisation virtually at any place and any time. This catheter system has a preconnected urine bag making it convenient to use whenever you need to catheterise yourself. Additionally, all the features of the Liquick X-treme Catheter System make this product suitable for daily use.

Non-touch Handling
Equipped with a blue introduction aid and a protective inner sleeve, which covers the complete surface of the catheter.

SafetyCat Catheter
The Liquick X-treme Plus Catheter System is equipped with the SafetyCat Catheter with inside and outside softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes, a flexible Ergothan tip as well as a pre-activated hydrophilic coating designed for a gentle and smooth catheterisation.

X-treme Independence
The Liquick X-treme Plus Catheter System is ready to use straight out of the packaging due to the pre-activated hydrophilic coated SafetyCat Catheter. Equipped with a blue introduction aid, a protective inner sleeve and a preconnected urine collection bag (with non-reflux valve, thumb hole that facilitates handling and perforation line for easy emptying) this system is designed to allow an independent completely aseptic, non-touch catheterisation. Just open the packaging, remove the system, unfold the urine collection bag and insert the catheter.