Liquick X-treme: Now also available in Charrière-size 10 in 20 cm and 40 cm

At Teleflex, we understand how important it is to help people make their lives as simple and as comfortable as possible while considering their independence and needs. With this in mind, we have developed an innovative intermittent catheter system: the Liquick X-treme Catheter System is a ready-to-use catheter for intermittent catheterisation that is designed to be intuitive and simple to apply virtually anywhere you need – for X-treme independance and comfort. Since end of November 2020, the Liquick X-treme is also available in Ch.-size 10 in lengths of 20cm and 40cm.

The Liquick X-treme Catheter System is ready to use straight out of the packaging. There is no need to burst a sachet, to add lubrication or to wait for the hydrophilic coating to be activated. Due to the pre-activated hydrophilic coated SafetyCat Catheter, the use of the Liquick X-treme Catheter System is fast and easy.

The Liquick X-treme Catheter System is equipped with our SafetyCat Catheter featuring softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes, a flexible Ergothan tip as well as a pre-activated hydrophilic coating, the Liquick X-treme Catheter System provides a gentle and smooth catheterisation.

The modern packaging in an elegant design is easy to open. Equipped with a blue introduction aid and a sterile protective inner sleeve, which covers the complete surface of the catheter, the Liquick X-treme Catheter System is designed to allow a comfortable non-touch catheterisation: all that you have to do is, open, remove, insert.