Liquick Pure: Teleflex single-use catheter – designed with women in mind

Women are self-confident, independent and ambitious. To fit their active lifestyles, Teleflex has developed the Liquick Pure urinary catheter, a female catheter concept which is discreet, easy and convenient to use – for women who want to enjoy their independence, mobility and lust for life. The Liquick Pure intermittent catheter system with hydrophilic coating is made of DEHP-free PVC.

Liquick Pure: Teleflex single-use catheter – designed with women in mind

Pure comfort
The Liquick Pure catheter system packaging is not only functional and compact but also has a cosmetic look-and-feel and fits in a handbag. The catheter length (only 15 cm) is adapted to the female urethra for comfortable and easy insertion. The integrated sachet containing the saline solution activates the hydrophilic coating and enables the catheter to slide in smoothly.

Pure convenience
The sealing flap allows the packaging to be opened easily, even with limited manual dexterity. Liquick Pure´s blue protective catheter sleeve is designed to allow an aseptic no-touch insertion and the flexible Ergothan tip designed to adjust to the urethra allows a gentle passage to help preserve the delicate urethral mucosa.

Further information:

Would you like to receive free samples of the Liquick Pure catheter for a product test? Samples can be ordered via the following link.

Image source: Teleflex