Introduction to handi-fencing in partnership with the sports association “Le Cercle d’Escrime du Mans”

On September 18th, the French Teleflex Urology Care team met with “Le Cercle d’Escrime du Mans” to organise a handi-fencing discovery session for patients from the Centre de l’Arche in Saint-Saturnin.

Introduction to handi-fencing in partnership with the sports association “Le Cercle d'Escrime du Mans”

“Le Cercle d’Escrime du Mans” is a sports association specialising in fencing for all, from recreational instruction to competition and wheelchair fencing.

The event organised at the Centre de l’Arche was run by Eric Davy, a qualified fencing instructor with over 20 years’ experience, who has already taken part in French championships. He specialises in teaching adapted sports, in which people with disabilities practise with able-bodied people. This gives people with a handicap the opportunity to take part in a fun sporting activity while at the same time promoting their social integration into a wider sporting community where fencers and disabled fencers come together.

Handi-fencing is a sport with physical, cognitive, mental and social benefits. It enhances both physical capacities and self-confidence, making it a genuine therapeutic and re-educational tool to help people with disabilities rebuild their mental and physical health.

It is a sport that helps people get to know their bodies better and manage their movements more effectively in space. It enables them to improve their motor coordination, balance, flexibility and precision of movement.

In addition to requiring concentration and alertness, fencing involves a strategic dimension that stimulates observation and analytical skills. Finally, this activity requires a certain amount of emotional management and self-control, encouraging fencers to be in tune with themselves in order to succeed.

The discovery session gave about fifteen patients from the Centre de l’Arche an opportunity to try out the sport under the watchful eye of Eric Davy, who shared his knowledge in a progressive manner that was adapted to each person’s abilities and level. The wheelchair fencers were able to practise in fencing clothes and in complete safety thanks to a “handifix”, a piece of equipment that allows the wheelchair to be fixed to a base, ensuring that the person is stable and does not need to handle the wheelchair.

It was a fun afternoon that offered the fencing instructor, participants and spectators a chance to get to know each other better while enjoying a new experience. Sharing and exchanging perspectives was the order of the day, whether through the learning of combat by the participants or through the enriching discussions between participants and spectators.

The Teleflex Urology Care team was very moved to see each participant progress, let go and surpass themselves in a natural way as they practised fencing, not to mention the enthusiasm, support and interest of the spectators, patients and caregivers alike. Our team as well as the team at the Centre de l’Arche particularly enjoyed this introduction to handi-fencing.

Many thanks to “Le Cercle d’Escrime du Mans” and to Eric Davy. We hope to see you all again next year!

Image source: Teleflex