Have you seen the Teleflex summary of a third-party study about the Liquick Base?

Liquick Base is an intermittent single-use catheter with hydrophilic coating – for a comfortable catheterization. Teleflex has published a summary of a third-party study of patients using the Liquick Base catheter with an Ergothan tip (Gamé X, Gania L, Perrouin-Verbe B, et al.).

Liquick Base_Teleflex summary of third party study

The Liquick Base bladder catheter system is designed to offer the user independence and comfort. Within a few seconds Liquick Base is ready to use – one squeeze opens the sachet and the saline solution reaches the urinary catheter to activate its hydrophilic coating for a smooth and comfortable catheterization.

Please find below a link to the Teleflex summary of the third-party study: Prospective multicentre observational study assessing the tolerance and perception of patients using the Liquick Base catheter with an Ergothan tip. The study can be viewed or downloaded from the download area.


Link for residents of the United Kingdom:

Image source: Teleflex