Have you seen the product videos for Liquick X-treme & Liquick X-treme Plus?

The Liquick X-treme and Liquick X-treme Plus catheter systems are Teleflex’s newest and most innovative urological products. The pre-activated and hydrophilic single-use catheters are ready-to-use and enable fast and convenient catheterization. Have you seen our product and instruction videos for these intermittent catheter systems? No? Then take a quick look – learn how to use and get to know the most important features of these two products.

The videos have two main themes: firstly, they introduce you to the product and point out the most relevant features that make these catheter systems suitable for everyday use. They then go on to explain the handling and implementation of catheterization with Liquick X-treme or Liquick X-treme Plus. The Liquick X-treme Plus catheter system also has an additional pre-connected urine bag.

Regarding the instructions for catheterization in particular, we have created videos for both standing people and wheelchair users in order to provide assistance to as many users or interested persons as possible. There are, of course, videos for women as well as for men.

The following link takes you to the download area of the Teleflex Urology Care website, where you can watch all videos on intermittent urinary catheters directly.


Image source: Teleflex