Experience X-treme Comfort and Control with our Liquick X-treme Catheter Systems – now available with Ergothan and Tiemann Tip

At Teleflex, we believe that everyone deserves the freedom to live life on their own terms. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new versions of our Liquick X-treme catheter systems, now available with the specialised Tiemann tip.

Experience X-treme Comfort and Control with our Liquick X-treme Catheter Systems – now available with Tiemann Tip

Introducing the Tiemann Tip: Specialised for Male Users
The Tiemann tip is specifically designed to meet the needs of male users. Its unique curved shape navigates the anatomy of the male prostate with ease, providing a solution tailored to specific anatomical needs. The Tiemann tip joins our Ergothan tip, which is known for its flexibility and smooth insertion, offering another good option for users seeking comfort and efficiency.

Liquick X-treme Catheter System: X-treme Convenience
The Liquick X-treme catheter system is designed for ultimate convenience. It’s ready to use straight out of the packaging, there’s no need to burst a sachet or add lubrication. Just open and use. The system includes a sterile protective sleeve covering the complete surface of the catheter and an introduction aid, offering a simple, hygienic, no-touch catheterisation process. This design enables easy and convenient insertion and accommodates different levels of finger dexterity.

X-treme Comfort with SafetyCat Technology
Our SafetyCat technology provides that every aspect of the catheter is designed with your comfort in mind. The Soft Cat eyes are softly rounded inside and out for smooth and gentle insertion. The pre-activated hydrophilic coating stays hydrated for up to 10 minutes without dry spots, offering a comfortable and effective catheterisation experience.

Liquick X-treme Plus: All-in-One Convenience for Life on the Go
For those who need a more versatile solution, the Liquick X-treme Plus catheter system is a complete, ready-to-use system with a pre-connected urine collection bag. It combines all the benefits of the Liquick X-treme system, making it available for quick and convenient catheterisation anytime, anywhere.

Specialised Tips for X-treme Comfort
Our specialised tips are designed to meet your specific anatomical needs:
• Ergothan Tip: This flexible and conically shaped tip conforms to the anatomy of the urethra, enabling gentle insertion with minimal pressure on the urethral mucosa.
• Tiemann Tip: This curved tip is designed to navigate the anatomy of the male prostate, providing a solution for users who require a specialised insertion approach.

Both tips are colour-coded for easy size identification and visibility during insertion, offering a smoother and more comfortable experience.

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