Are you already familiar with the Teleflex guides for intermittent self-catheterisation?

One of the key aims of the Teleflex Urology Care business unit is to improve the health and quality of people´s life. We want to achieve this not only with our high-quality products for urology but also through publications that provide users of intermittent self-catheterisation with useful information about our products and their handling.

Teleflex guides for intermittent self-catheterisation

Teleflex Urology Care has now published a guide for intermittent self-catheterisation. This guide is available in a version for male users as well as in a version for female users and is provided on our website for downloading.

The guide for intermittent self-catheterisation covers a variety of topics. In addition to explanations about anatomy and the functioning of the urinary system, general questions about intermittent catheterisation are addressed and answered. Furthermore, practical tips for proper hand washing, information on fluid intake, a care plan with a urine measurement protocol and a step-by-step guide for aseptic intermittent self-catheterisation provide important assistance to ensure the success of bladder catheterisation.

The two guides for intermittent self-catheterisation can be downloaded from the download area under the following link or can be easily read directly on the website as a flippable online brochure.

Link for residents of the United Kingdom:

We hope that our ISC guides will be useful companions for your intermittent catheterisation.

Image source: Teleflex