Adventure Camp 2023

After the great success with the young participants of the 2022 pilot event, ASBI – Spina Bifida Association Italy – returns with a new edition of ADVENTURE CAMP in the beautiful setting of Lake Orta (Piedmont) from July 23 to 30, 2023.

Spina Bifida Adventure Camp 2023

ASBI is a national nonprofit association that carries out intensive awareness-raising and information activities on the topic of spina bifida, giving special attention to the needs of people with the condition and their families, through information and guidance services that are also useful for spina bifida prevention, such as campaigns for folic acid taking during pregnancy.

Among ASBI’s various activities is also the promotion of summer and winter camps, hence the idea of Adventure Camp. The Camp is aimed at young people with spina bifida between the ages of 12 and 16 years old who will be joined by groups of their able-bodied peer friends; this inclusion offers an opportunity for sharing and integration by spending a week of pure fun and recreation in contact with nature with educational benefits.

The participants, supervised by a properly trained and experienced staff, will camp in the open air and will have the opportunity to experience different sporting disciplines including: canoeing, archery, wheelchair tennis, and first experiences withscuba diving and horseback riding. There will be no shortage of themed workshops as well as fun and playful moments such as the adventure park in Triride (electric wheel that allows you to motorize your wheelchair allowing you to reach places that are otherwise inaccessible) or the Zip Line (long steel cable suspended from the ground that connects two points at different heights; users are hooked up to a pulley and a special harness so they can make the descent in total safety).

The Camp’s goal is to give young participants and their families useful tools to encourage conscious growth, using sports and recreational-motor activities as a means to provide important skills to be exploited in everyday life.

TELEFLEX has always been a supporter of sport and inclusion activities, and will also support the Adventure Camp 2023 side by side with ASBI and the participating children.

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