Adventure Camp 2022

After the mandatory shutdown due to the pandemic, activities dedicated to adolescents have restarted with Adventure Camp 2022 and with TELEFLEX Urology Care once again close nearby. Following the success among our young friends in previous years with the Summer Camp, A.S.B.I. – Spina Bifida Association Italy – was back with its Adventure Camp in the beautiful setting of Lake Orta (Piedmont), held from June 24 to 26.

the Summer Camp, A.S.B.I. - Spina Bifida Association Italy

A.S.B.I. is a national non-profit association that works to prevent spina bifida and ensure a better quality of life for people with this condition and their families.

TELEFLEX has always supported sports activity as a tool for motivation, sharing experiences and personal growth, and this project perfectly espouses this philosophy.

The Camp was aimed at young people with spina bifida from 12 to 16 years old and their able-bodied friends. It represented an opportunity for integration and inclusion by spending a weekend of pure fun and recreation in contact with nature. Participants could share unforgettable moments collaborating and having fun together and drawing great support from each other, strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence. During the Camp the teens learned new activities together, such as pitching a tent, canoeing on the lake and camping under the summer stars.

The activities offered during the Camp provided opportunities to learn how to be with others, take on new responsibilities, acquire skills and perform activities that are important for growth, but above all to learn how to assess and value themselves in their relationship with others and the environment. Appropriate stimuli, awareness and organization are key elements in opening the door to autonomy.

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Image source: A.S.B.I.