29th Sports Day at the IRR of Lay-Saint-Christophe

On June 23, 2022, the latest sports day took place at the IRR (Institut Régional de Réadaptation/Regional Rehabilitation Institute) of Lay-Saint-Christophe. It was the first time the French Teleflex Urology Care team participated, but the 29th event for the rehabilitation center!

29th Sports Day at the IRR of Lay-Saint-Christophe

The mission of this day is to focus energy on a single project: all doctors, nurses and health care professionals who play a role in the care of patients staying at the IRR get together for a day. In addition, speech therapists, health executives, dieticians, occupational therapists, doctors etc. join forces on a common project for one day. As Philippe, a physical education teacher at the IRR, explains, “Usually, everyone does their own thing. Because even though we all work the same center, there are few interdisciplinary practices. This day allows us to get together and cooperate on the same project.” This day has become an institution. And it has been going on for 29 years…

For the patient, this day shows that “physical and sports practices are not just lifting weights during rehabilitation sessions”. It is also a time for sharing and coming together, it improves self-esteem and confidence, it facilitates self-development, and contributes to well-being and inclusion; not only do patients participate in the day, but some also get involved in its organization. It is all these values which prompted Teleflex to also get involved; we wished to be there on this day and this is why we had a stand there.

During the day, many establishments from Lorraine (associations and other centers) were present. Among them were the Foyer de Vie “Les Essis” in Gérardmer, the ALAGH FAS in Blâmont, ALAGH MAS in Nancy, the IRR in Scy-Chazelles, LADAPT in Thionville, FAS MAD Sport Adapté in Lunéville, and more. And as every year, a class from a nearby primary school also participated, because for the IRR, education also has its place within the framework of patient care and disability awareness which is achieved through a process of familiarization and understanding. This means, for example, considering a person in a wheelchair, and becoming aware of why disabled parking slots are bigger, why we must leave them free. Videos of people in wheelchairs doing sports are shown; Philippe explains that it helps everyone realize that “it’s not because I’m ‘broken’ that I’m not able to do something”.

On the program, no less than 25 workshops such as archery, darts, petanque, bowling and many others saw teams of two compete. This day, full of emotion, took place in a warm atmosphere with everyone in good spirits, under a blazing sun. It ended with a medal ceremony and a bite to eat for all participants. Congratulations to all and see you next year!

Image source: Teleflex