Teleflex Urology Care: What is intermittent catheterisation?

Intermittent catheterisation is the repeated drainage of the bladder through a thin, disposable catheter. It´s a simple method of draining the bladder gently and without causing harmful pressure. Read more about the advantages, requirements and other interesting questions related to intermittent self-catheterisation.

Our popular handbike trip 2023 to South Tyrol – be a part of it!

Once again, we are eagerly anticipating this year’s trip to South Tyrol. Teleflex Urology Care will be there again as an event partner.

History of Teleflex: How did Teleflex get its name?

You know Teleflex as a global company that manufactures medical products for a variety of fields, such as anesthesia, surgery, cardiology and urology (Teleflex Urology Care) – always with the aim of improving health and the quality of peoples’ lives. But have you ever wondered why Teleflex is called Teleflex? How did the company get its name?